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Success For Collaborative Research Centres

Heidelberg University has won support from the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the latest approval round with approximately 66 million euros in funding for five collaborative research centres. [More...]

Was Our Primeval Sun Hyperactive?

Shortly after its birth, our Sun was probably a very turbulent, hyperactive star. This is indicated by geoscientific analyses of rock inclusions from a meteorite originating in our early Solar System. [More...]

Galaxies As “Cosmic Cauldrons”

Galaxies are highly dynamic systems whose components constantly change their appearance. This is shown by Heidelberg astrophysicists on the basis of observations of the spiral galaxy NGC 300. [More...]

Digital Quantum Simulators: Astonishingly Robust

Using numerical demonstrations and analytical arguments, researchers have now shown that digital quantum simulation is much more "robust" and hence more stable than previously assumed. [More...]

Carbon Dioxide As Geothermometer

For the first time it is possible to measure, simultaneously and with extreme precision, four rare molecular variants of carbon dioxide (CO2) using a novel laser instrument. [More...]

Research Training Group In Dermatology

The Research Training Group “Hallmarks of Skin Cancer” has succeeded in gaining funding from the German Research Foundation and will receive funding in the amount of 5.1 million euros. [More...]

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Wednesday 05th June 2019

04:15 PM

Ethnische Vielfalt, soziale Integration und Jugendgewalt in der Schule

Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg, Universit?t K?ln, Institut für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie

04:15 PM

Lesung und Gespr?ch mit Amadú Dafé

Amadú Dafé, Autor, Guinea-Bissau

04:15 PM

?Karl Kraus contra ...“ Die Prozessakten der Kanzlei Oskar Samek (1922–1936)

Dr. Katharina Prager, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Biographie, Wien

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